• Telephone Number Verification Issue

    Some people have experienced difficulties recently, trying to port a phone number to AT&T Mobility regardless of the source.

    The issue AT&T is experiencing has to do with telephone number verification calls. Where the AT&T customer service rep (in a store or in a call center) tries to call the number being ported to verify that it is connected and in service. They are getting a fast busy signal in some cases. Yet when anyone else makes the call, including from an AT&T wireless phone, the call goes through.

    Some AT&T reps will not take that into consideration. From their standpoint, if it doesn’t work from their landline phones, then it is disconnected in their books – leading to a stalemate. The only way out is to find a different AT&T rep – preferably one in a store where you can hand your own phone over to them to let them make the call from there. The call will work every time.

    This problem is not being shared among AT&T reps, presumably because they don’t encounter the problem frequently enough to bother to broadcast it. But when it’s your number, it’s a definite problem.

    This AT&T problem was recently revealed to me by a senior call center representative. Other reps will deny the problem exists.