• Vanity Phone Numbers and It’s Benefits for your Business

    What’s in a number? Whether you’re an owner of a small business, thriving corporation, or start-up, you can bet that phone numbers are often the last thing that you worry about. But have you ever considered the benefits of having a vanity phone number? 

    A vanity phone number can either spell words or be a memorable set of digits, and it’s used to increase the presence of your brand whenever you’re advertising your business. Studies have consistently shown that vanity phone numbers can increase how often your brand is recognized and how often your products are referred to – by over 30%!

    If you think about it, the reason is fairly simple: it is much easier for us to remember numbers like1-800-FLOWERS than it is to remember a random combination of digits. If you’re really in the market to dramatically increase the brand recognition of your company, then you should think about getting a vanity number that’s a set of easily repeated digits. 

    For example, you could have your number be (XYZ) 777-8888. Whenever you advertise your number in commercials, prints, and especially billboards, having that type of vanity number will make it easier for potential customers to recall and refer your brand. Vanity phone numbers are typically cheap to obtain as well, so if you could translate something as seemingly simple as your phone number into sales, then isn’t it worth it already? They’ll pay for themselves in very quickly!

    From a customer’s perspective, they’ll be able to effortlessly transition from hearing your number and brand to purchasing your services – all from your vanity phone number! Often times, new customers are put off from working with new companies because they’re unsure as to whether it will be worth it. Having an easily recognized phone number immediately shows that you are an authoritative figure in your field, and it can be a factor in convincing a customer to use your brand.

    Remember that your main goal should be to assist the customer in remembering your number. This will help you get more sales. Your second goal should be to increase your brand presence and make it easier for individuals to refer you. If you purchase a phone number that doesn’t accomplish these things, you may as well not have one at all! To get around this, make sure that when you pick a number, it’s easy to recall.  You want to stick with ending in a string of single digit numbers (such as 8888), or you can make them sequential (such as 1234). Another option is that they spell a word, a four letter word at the end of the number, or possibly even a seven letter word, such as INJURED. You should bounce ideas off of your friends and family, or try to gauge what your competition is doing. This will give you a leg up and allow you to fully reap the benefits of purchasing a vanity phone number.

    Top Benefits of Vanity Numbers

    There are two types of vanity numbers, those that spell words. Great examples are 1-800-GO FEDEX OR 1-800-COLLECT or more locally, 323-INJURED. And then there are those that are easy on the eyes, and to recall and dial (333-8888). There are various benefits your business can enjoy by purchasing and using a vanity number and this article explores these benefits.

    1. Vanity numbers lead to increased call volumes, big businesses such as FedEx and UPS are examples of companies with vanity numbers that are easy to remember. As an example imagine having a number like 333-8888 and 387-2395, which one do you think would improve on your call volumes? Independent studies have shown a 14 times increase in call volumes for business who get an easy to remember vanity phone number.

    2. Affordability– Vanity numbers are affordable despite common misconceptions most people hold. At PhoneNumberGuy.com, we have vanity numbers on sale from as little as $200.

    3. Stop customers from looking at the competition. If you have a memorable number your customers have no need to look into the directory or perform a search engine query. This means they are not going to be diverted to your competitors for the product or service you provide. Get customers hooked to your number and they will just keep calling.

    4. Exclusivity. You own the rights to use the vanity number you purchase from PhoneNumberGuy.com.

    5. Instantly recognizable business. This applies to the first type of vanity phone numbers explained at the beginning. Customers can instantly tell what your business does and if they have got the right number for the service they are searching for.  For example 1-800-FLOWERS will leave you in no doubt that you have the number of a florist in your hands. Customers will have the impression that your business is transparent and straightforward because you have made it dead simple for them to reach you. 

    6. First Impressions count. When you come across a vanity phone number the first thing which crosses your mind is “I am dealing with a professional company here, and professional people running it. First class”. This first impression really counts and can be the thing which sets you apart from your competition. Customers will generally expect better business and to be treated as special. The misconception that vanity phone numbers are expensive actually plays to your advantage as customers think you have gone to very huge expense to secure your number.

    7. Great branding tool. This is more so for the first type of vanity numbers again where you have an area code and perhaps your business name. This easily makes your number and hence your line of business and business identity (brand) easily recognized and remembered. You would never think FEDEX will give up 1-800-GO FEDEX for any reason at all would you?

    8. Easy to remember. This probably should be somewhere near the top if this list if this were in the order of importance. This is usually the major driver for a business decision to purchase a vanity number. A number like 333-4444 is so effortless to remember it becomes burnt into your memory. Next time you need to make a directory inquiry it just pops into your mind. This has got to be the biggest benefit for vanity phone numbers as it allows customers to connect their need with their solution, your business.

    How to Dial a Vanity Telephone Number.

    This is for those for whom vanity phone numbers are new. 

    Numbers that display easy numeric patters, such as 888-0000, are easy to dial. Very easy. And remember. Numbers that spell words are generally a bit easier to remember, but harder to dial. Because the digits are random in sequence once you hunt for the digits that correspond to letters.

    Every phone in the country has a dial pad that contains letters that correspond to digits. When you are dialing 1-800-FLOWERS, hunt for the letters, and press the button for the letters. What actually gets dialed is the digit it corresponds to.


    I hope this article has laid bare the benefits your business could be enjoying if you bought your vanity phone number from PhoneNumberGuy.com. Why not check out the store and find the perfect number for your business today.